11/9: The Fall of American Democracy, Readings & Open Mic 4pm Free

11/9: The Fall of American Democracy
by Casey Lawrence (Goodreads Author) (Editor), William D. Dickerson(Goodreads Author) (Editor), Taylor “Dallas Rey” Custis (Contributor), Celia Daniels (Contributor), Kimberly Dark (Contributor), Vanessa De La Garza(Contributor), Fred Dodsworth (Contributor), Joanie HF Zosike (Contributor), Jack Foley (Contributor), Laura Foley (Contributor), F.I. Goldhaber(Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Nicole Goodwin (Contributor), Peter D. Goodwin (Contributor), Trista Hurley-Waxali (Contributor), Alan W. Jankowski (Contributor), Hannah Johnson (Contributor), Mike Jurkovic(Contributor), Jenne Kaivo (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Elise Kelly(Contributor), Kate Killion (Contributor), Liv Lansdale (Contributor), Salem Leonard-Goosby (Contributor), Joan Annsfire (Contributor), Shermeeka Marie Louise Mason (Contributor), Dr. Tamara MC (Contributor), Emma McFarland (Contributor), Rainbow Wohali Medicine-Walker (Contributor), Scott-Patrick Mitchell (Contributor), Toti O’Brien (Contributor), Sergio A. Ortiz (Contributor), Catherine Orkin Oskow (Contributor), Diane Payne(Contributor), Andrew Power (Contributor), Roger Aplon (Goodreads Author)(Contributor), Michele Parker Randall (Contributor), Cheryl A. Rice(Contributor), Mindela Ruby (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Stephanie J.T. Russell (Contributor), Claire Scott (Contributor), Liz Sordillo (Contributor), Tasha Souza (Contributor), Jan Steckel (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Alison Stone (Contributor), Kitty Stryker (Contributor), Catherine Arra(Contributor), Arin Vasquez (Contributor), Kristen Caven (Goodreads Author)(Contributor), Kina Wolfenstein (Contributor), Carissa Rhiannon Clarke(Contributor), Ruth Crossman (Contributor)
Presenting the diverse voices of those most affected by the results of the 2016 American presidential election, 11/9: The Fall of American Democracy is a charitable project meant to prioritize and highlight marginalized writers for a good cause. One hundred percent of profits from the sale of this book will be donated to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence org​anization and the ACLU, the nonprofit organization defending the constitutional rights of Americans.
Sponsored by the California Writers Club, Berkeley Branch!
Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 4:00pm