15 Minute First Dates: Music & Readings 630pm Free

Put this on your busy summer arts calendar!! 

Vanessa Alexandra Pope

Yume Kim

Vernon Keeves III

Paul Corman-Roberts

Music by Postcapitalism

Fall in love. . .with the planet!

We have all been there: you arrive to a coffee shop and realize you don’t have your re-useable mug. Reluctantly, you order anyway, because you need to have your coffee. Then, you feel guilty when, 15 minutes later, the styrofoam cup, sleeve and plastic top all end up in the trash: destined for our beautiful ocean, and capable of impeding the health of plants and animals for hundreds of years.

How can we avoid this situation? How can we have our coffee and enjoy it too, knowing that we are not exacerbating any of the many problems facing our planet?

15 Minute First Dates is a roadmap for partnership with the planet, written with the hopes of empowering and supporting folks as they move toward lifestyles that balance the needs of people and the needs of the earth.

15 Minute First Dates was written for anyone struggling to make lasting change in their lives. The list-making systems within offer readers proven methods to: reduce inefficiencies, improve one’s relationship with our natural environment, and free up valuable time for hobbies, passions and endeavors that benefit all involved. 


Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 6:30pm