1st Friday Art Opening: Jonathan Hall 5pm Free

Oakland artist, Jonathan Hall, acknowledges the power of destiny to pull one towards greatness and the simultaneous compulsion for resistance, self- self-sabotage, or ultimately self-destruction, that comes with envisioning a higher purpose, and the power that comes from rejection.


Out of survival, in today’s society filled with an overwhelming cornucopia of content, colors, options, unrealistic expectations, and less and less time between the myriad side-hustles to make rent, the only way to achieve happiness is to express free will by absolutely rejecting that same pull of destiny, the framework, the expectations, and to fill every moment with as many distractions and as much destruction as possible.

Hall’s moved on to mostly larger pieces, distressed with spray paint, oil, shreds of fabric, with quieter more precise compositions that are then painted-over, covered-up, ripped, damaged, or destroyed, in an expression of disappointment with modern life.

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 5:00pm