1st Friday Art Opening: Paul Murufas 6pm Free

ABOUT THE ART : My modus operandi as a collage artist has been fairly simple: use what isn’t mine and mine what isn’t used. Discarded love letters, corporate paraphernalia, overwrought Supersymbols, textbook science & art lessons, dumpster-dived miscellany, neglected reference works– I love finding a way to make them fit all together, with brushstrokes and scribbling, gluing and scissoring. Technical mastery over the collage form has never interested me as much as pulling things so far out of context they invert and become the backbone for new ideas. In collage & in several literary quotes on canvas, I’ve deliberately left much to the realm of inference. My hope is that a highly-textured material will speak for itself.

Paul Murufas lives and writes and works in California’s Bay Area. He is the author of Contraindication and four other poetry chapbooks.

His nonfiction writing has covered a range of issues, including technology, unrest, the environment, police violence, and the drug war.

In 2018, he released a visual poem combining original photography with text.

Friday, April 5, 2019 - 6:00pm