1st Friday Art Opening: Yusuf Ssali 6pm

Ssali Yusif Bio

A member of the Kampala School, a modernistic art movement that blends a mastery of mixed media in a riot of colours in traditional African storytelling. Masterful in abstract compositions, Yusuf is also captivated by the human form and the interplay of colours and in so doing highlights the figures that populate his canvas. Born (April 24, 1983) in Wakiso district, Uganda, Yusuf started painting seriously at 20 years, after observing and learning from other artists. He honed his skill via a Bachelor's degree in industrial and fine arts from Makerere University, Kampala, the alma mater of most of Uganda's accomplished artists. He works mainly in oil and acrylic on canvas but also in mixed media incorporating bark cloth, twine and metals. His favourite subjects are women. "My source of inspiration is drawn from the day to day of African women, surrounded by birds, fish, butterflies. Yusuf is involved with a number of community organizations, including the Butterfly Project, which trains gifted children from disadvantaged backgrounds in social entrepreneurship, and the Wasanni (Weaver Bird) Ugandan Artists' Association. Yusuf has exhibited in Uganda, Kenya and Belgium.

"I live to paint and I daily ask God to let me die as a world famous painter - which means you won't regret if you buy my work!"

Friday, July 7, 2017 - 6:00pm