Anker Frankoni Book Launch with Music from Michael Beach & Charlie Megira!

Anker Frankoni is an exciting new author.  He currently lives somewhere near Lake Tahoe and drives the biggest motor home we have ever seen.  For his first works, he is writing a triology.  Book 1:  Exmikan is both "a love letter" and a "suicide note".  It is "a story of present-day rebirth, that began in worlds that existed so long before now, that time itself had not yet started to be counted in years."  Just released in April it is already getting rave reviews:

"The biting humor with which Frankoni reveals the historical setting of the first part of his trilogy allows the history on the page to come alive. But this isn’t the history of our high school textbooks—this is history as a living, breathing participant in the story. It’s all those odd facts that museum tour guides won’t tell you, but that are all you really care about." - Shadia Savo, editor in chief of 14 Hills, SF State Literary Journal

But here is the best part:  Book 2 is called "Octopus Asylum".  Synchronicity brought us together.  Get a taste of Mexican Eskimo!  

But wait!  That's not all you get!  The evening will include live music from Michael Beach!!  Michael has two amazing solo records out.  He has played with Charlie Megira (Tel Aviv) and Shovels (Australia).  He played one of our infamous pop ups in the MEGADOME at Chabot Space & Science.  Check him out on our very own Mollusk Musik mix:


Speaking of Charlie Megira, well, he will also join us!  Now how much would you pay?  Well, it's free, so feed the tip jar.  Charlie recently moved to Oakland from Berlin.  He toured the US for the first time last year turning heads at Austin Psychfest and beyond.  He plays a mean surf guitar but there really is no genre that he could fit inside. His double LP "Love Police" was released on everyone's favorite record label, Oakland's very own Guitars & Bongos!  See for yourself:






Saturday, May 2, 2015 - 7:00pm