Athenian Poetry Slam 630pm Free

Poetry students from Athenian high school will be gathering to read their extraordinary original poems. These juniors and seniors will cover topics including environmentalism, love, teen identity, gun violence, the recent California fires, and other political commentaries.  Their chosen forms range from the traditional sonnet and villanelle to experimental narrative and modernist modes. The Athenian School, located in Danville at the foot of Mount Diablo, is an independent school that celebrates student-centered and experiential learning that concentrates on social justice, environmental preservation, and gender equity.  We invite you to support these incredible students and celebrate poetry with us as the students engage with their culminating final project!

Each of the following poets will be introducing themselves and reading for 3-5 minutes:

Evan Rios, Liam Nelson, Josh Birnbaum, Henry Anderson, Savi Dhoat, Jin Kim, Lauren Breach, Charlotte Whitelaw, Arul Malhotra, Derek Perry, Olivia Booth, Olivia Baker, Toby Cochran, Ben Schwartz, Naji Algaal, Dara Goldfein & Josh Tnoe

Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 6:30pm