Book Launch: Nick Mamatas, Ian Kappos & Colin Winnette 7pm Free

Nick Mamatas is the author of several novels, including the San Francisco zombie novel The Last Weekend, the Lovecraftian murder mystery I Am Providence, and the forthcoming Hexen Sabbath. His short fiction has appeared in Best American Mystery StoriesYear's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, and many other venues. The highlights of the last decade of his short work have recently been collected in The People's Republic of Everything. Nick is also an award-winning anthologist; his latest is Mixed Up, a hybrid cocktail recipe/flash fiction book co-edited with Molly Tanzer.
People's Republic of Everything
“[Mamatas] is the People's Commissar of Awesome.”
―China Miéville, author of Embassytown
Welcome to the People's Republic of Everything―of course, you've been here for a long time already. Make yourself at home alongside a hitman who always tells the truth, no matter how reality has to twist itself to suit; electric matchstick girls who have teamed up with Friedrich Engels; a telepathic boy and his father's homemade nuclear bomb; a very bad date that births an unforgettable meme; and a dog who simply won't stop howling on social media.
The People's Republic of Everythingfeatures a decade's worth of crimes, fantasies, original fiction, and the author's preferred text of the acclaimed short novel Under My Roof.
There are many who live on the fringes. Broken homes, drug addiction, lost causes, circumstances less explainable. 
These five coming-of-age stories by Ian Kappos traverse spaces where the destitute and the otherworldly intertwine: the daily struggles, coping methods, desires and dreams, and the intrusions of the surreal that upset this precarious status quo. From exploding televisions, strange mold, and absent parents to concerned therapists, crustacean junkies, and friendships cut tragically short, Crossfaded in Narnia burrows into the grit to take a closer look at the mystery beneath. Living life on the ropes is not always predictable.

Colin Winnette is from Denton, Texas. 

He is the author of Revelation (Mutable Sound), Animal Collection (Spork), Fondly (Atticus Books), Coyote (Les Figues), and Haints Stay (Two Dollar Radio). His novels have been translated into Italian and French. His latest novel, The Job of the Wasp, was published by Soft Skull Press in 2018.

His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including PlayboyLucky PeachThe BelieverBuzzFeed Books, and others. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 7:00pm