Book a Show

The goal of our nightly programming is to showcase the diverse range of talents that the Bay Area has to offer.  We feature performers in an intimate, welcoming and relaxed environment.

The Octopus seeks performers and programming of all stripes.  Do you have an idea for a themed salon? Read poetry? Speak the word or rap? Got a variety show?  Are you in a band? Tell jokes or stories?  Are you a magician?  No, seriously, are you a magician?  Improv? Puppeteers, authors, artists, musicians and everyone in between are encouraged to contact us.

Does your writing group or book club want to meet at The Octopus?  Would you like to have an office party?  Holiday party?  Let's party!  All inquiries encouraged here:

Artists that can guarantee a well-attended evening of entertainment will be prioritized.  Touring artists are encouraged to find a local artist (or two) to share an event.

We have a full PA, a piano, a guitar, a guitar amp and 3 mics.

We respectfully request no candles/incense, no outside food or drink and please no messy stuff (glitter, confetti, jello...).

Thank you.