Creole Creed Launch: Doors 4pm Service 5pm

The Octopus is honored to welcome Creole Creed on this not-to-be-missed Saturday. 

From Creole Creed:

Creole culture is defined by its mixture of African, European and Indigenous influences. Our culture is centered around food, creativity, and faith. We trace our roots from slavery's history of forced immigration and integration, a heritage of movement from West and Central Africa, to the "new world" in Haiti and the West Indies, under colonization and segregation by the French and Spanish. The indigenous roots of our ancestry trace to the Choctaw and Blackfoot tribes of Louisiana and Alberta, Canada, respectively. Our family has lived in Opelousas, Louisiana, since before the official establishment of the United States. 

Our food reflects the history of struggle and survival we have endured as Black people, with a past of segregation under an Afro-French-Indigenous identity. As a result, we have formed our own perspectives of our culture and unique heritage. With Creole Creed, we usher in the new generation of Californian Creoles, carrying the legacy and evolution of our people.


Creole Creed LLC is the burning fire of our legacy, a cuisine that blends the colorful influences of our African, European, and Native American roots into something to believe in. We offer a variety of dishes with roots in traditional Louisiana Creole cuisine, and take you on a journey of our culture’s evolution, with a unique Bay-Area twist.


Crawfish Hand Pies - Succulent Crawfish tails sauteed in the holy trinity, garlic, onion, bell pepper and celery thicken to perfection with a butter rich roux. Wrapped in Puff Pastry and baked to golden brown flakey deliciousness. 

Vegan Hand Pies - Sauteed Brown Mushrooms in garlic, and Shallots with tender Greens and water chestnuts thicken with a vegan roux wrapped in a Vegan Puff Pastry baked to golden brown perfection. 

Creole Creed Mac + Cheese - Rich and Cheese, made with a blonde roux (Butter and flour) with half and half and smoked cheddar, Guda, and Gurier with seasoned macaroni. 

Creole Creed Red Beans + Rice - Large Red Kidney Beans slowed cooked with the holy trinity _ 1(garlic , onion and bell pepper and celery), smoked meats and creole / cajun Sausage (Andouille) with Creole Creed Spices served over rice. 

Sweet Honey Cornbread Muffin -  sweet and buttery, made with just the right of cornmeal and flour to create the perfect bite. With the right amount sweetness and a touch of honey.

Creole Creed Wings - Marinated in Creole Creed Spices, thyme, garlic and  braised in duck fat, and Pan Fried to order. Served with Creole Creed Remoulade Sauce. I pound per order ( 6 to 7 pieces). 

Candied Yams - Sweet Garnet Yams simmered in a buttery simple syrup spiced with mace, cinnamon, clove and ground ginger cooked slow until tender. 

Vegan Green Beans - Blue Lake Green Beans tossed in olive oil, garlic and shallots and doused with white wine with a splash of lemon to awaken your buds. Tasty and with an al dente bite. 








Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 4:00pm