Dirty Old Women: Celebrating Sex for Life

Dirty Old Women: Celebrating Sex for Life

Bawdy storytelling, sexy lit and raunchy routines from women who’ve done a thing or two. Open mike begins at 7:40, open to all. Featured readers begin at 8 pm.

What makes erotica written by older women different? First, given all the years they’ve been at it, they’ve had a lot more of it. And, with age comes wisdom and plain-spokenness. We also have an interesting historical perspective: We remember a time when unprotected sex wasn’t dangerous to your health. Finally, we can provide younger folks with the comforting knowledge that it’s not all over for you when you reach 50. Dirty Old Women celebrates erotic writing by self-identified older women of all orientations. The monthly event includes two or three featured readers; it kicks off with an open mike that’s open to all.

Featured readers are Susan Kuchinskas and Jessie West. Kuchinskas is the author of The Chemistry of Connection and the still-unpublished memoir My Life in Sex. Her erotic stories will be published in the upcoming anthology Deepspace Dogfight (Rogue Planet Press) and Necronomicum: The Magazine of Weird Erotica. Jessie West is a singer/songwriter and author who has appeared in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Dirty Old Women takes place on the fourth Tuesday every month.

For more information, contact susan@chemistryofconnection.com or 510-644-2612




Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 7:00pm