Dirty Old Women - Erotica 730pm

Older women: Wise enough to tell the truth about sex – what they want, what they've done, what makes them hot. Dirty Old Women celebrates erotic writing by self-identified older women of all flavors. 

Tuesday, October 23, features Kristen Caven and Selene Steese. 

Kristen Caven dances with sexuality and comedy, writing circles around squares and drawing lines with dangerous curves. Her tender, true and/or tantalizing stories, cartoons and articles have been published in Oakland Unseen, Oakland Tribune, ADDitude Magazine, The Monthly, Rudolf’s Diner, Doorknobs and Body Paint, Synchronized Chaos, Full of Crow, The Sophisticate, The California Literary Review, and The Good Men Project. You can get Kristen's mini comic, Sammy Sperm's Guide to Safe Sex on her website at www.kristencaven.com or at the event, where she will be reading some fresh writing about kissing, and about writing about kissing.

Selene Steese loves getting intimate with words, and knows just how sexy they can be. She started writing spicy poetry about 13 years ago. Through no coincidence whatsoever, she also lost 80 pounds, recovered her vitality, rediscovered her yoni ... and you'll just have to show up to find out the rest!

Open mic at 7:30 is open to ALL.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 7:30pm