EFFT & The Green Mitchell Trio 7pm $5-10

With its own rules - its own pace - its own way of filtering energy - EFFT is atmospheric, and reflective; their songs comprised of wistful wordplay and fastidious harmonic structure. In these, they remember lost heroes, tormented love affairs, fallen angels, internet-sexuals, ironic belief systems - and make salutations to the holy stories that meta and micro have to offer.

"...There is however no real need to open-your-mind to access EFFT's singular aesthetic. (This recording of) intimate anthems, textural float-trips and sonorous clamorings is already an open window, propped wide by equal parts concrete reference and universal abstraction, for anyone who wants to peer in."

Dan Wool
Composer, Music Producer, Recording Engineer

Reeds player Cory Wright assembled the bay area based Green Mitchell Trio - with bassist Lisa Mezzacappa and drummer Jason Levis - in order to realize a growing collection of music conceived for this instrumental configuration. The group is a kinetic, versatile unit that can climb through compositional complexities, swing from the outer limbs of jazz, and plummet into the groundlessness of spontaneous soundspace... and the possibility of hopping on a passing groove is never out of the question.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 7:00pm