Garrett Pierce & Melaena Cadiz (LA) 930pm $10

"A meandering mix of country and folk that evokes the most isolated areas of the country and the people who call those places home.”-- Vogue

"Like an earthbound Joanna Newsom, Cadiz has a voice that grabs you within seconds." -- NPR

”The landscapes she drafts up in these gorgeous songs are about winning and losing, usually a little of both, which feels natural.”-- Daytrotter

“The artist’s ability to connect with his audience – to introduce us to feelings we didn’t know we could feel – is truly superb, an indicator of Garrett Pierce’s talent as a writer. – Atwood Magazine

Championing storytelling with a clean, methodical acoustic presentation, the intentionality in each inflection carries the weight of the sadness and reflection. 4/5. – Impose

On Dusk, his dramatic lyrics are influenced by literature greats such John Steinbeck and Hemingway while his calming voice soars over effortless musicianship with dark, ethereal melodies.
– That Music Magazine

Dusk is full of folksy acoustic guitar strumming, reflective lyrics and high harmonies.
– The Sacramento Bee

Friday, April 27, 2018 - 9:30pm