Guion & D.Brax 930pm $5

Guion (Gee-Yon) is an r&b/pop/jazz Bay Area artist, working on his first EP, titled:

"Covers from the heart (unmastered EP)" 
The targeted date of release and listening availability will be sometime before the summer of 2017. Being that this is his very first (1st) project to be released, Guion wanted to keep it genuinely real; he therefore made the decision to not mix, master, or otherwise tailor it to radio quality. The non-traditional radio versions which you'll notice, hasn't been tailored to fit into the main stream music you hear everyday over the air waves. His ultimate goal is to capture his listeners with raw, uncut, soulful, yet powerful and charming vocal poise. Listen and enjoy as he personally connects to five of his favorite melodies; while exposing his forcefully raw and uncut version of each tune.
"I want to give my audience something real to listen to; instead of the remixed tampered versions of most music being played on the radio today.GUION has an ultimate goal of eventually creating an appreciation of mutually satisfying (un-watered down) new, fresh, raw and uncut listening experiences." In closing, if you are a true fan of music artistry, you certainly won't be disappointed!!"
Stay tuned...This is only the beginning.

Though D Brax is not a formally trained musician, his skills on the keyboard could match any musician with a degree. This might have something to do with the fact that he has focused on honing his craft since the tender age of ten. His sound is smooth and clean, with enchanting melodies layered throughout. On 'The Rising Sun,' D Brax puts his best foot - or fingers - forward, giving us a glance into a deep, bluesy soul. His smooth attitude is sublimated by the music into a silky, sexy concoction reminiscent of smooth Jazz greats like George Duke or Brian Culbertson. As an instrumentalist, D Brax’s music appeals to an impressive range of audiences, no doubt interpreted differently by each generation hearing it. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 9:30pm