Jessica Sun Lee Book Launch "KEURIUM" 7pm Free

Attendees are invited to perform a short piece related to the Korean word Keurium: A longing for anything that has left a deep impression in the heart—such as a memory, person, or place.

Shay Stone lies in a hospital bed, catatonic–dead to the world. Her family thinks it’s a ploy for attention. Doctors believe it’s the result of an undisclosed trauma. At the mercy of memories and visitations, Shay unearths secrets that may have led to her collapse. Will she remain paralyzed in denial? Or can she accept the unfathomable and break free? 

KEURIUM threads through one adopted Korean American’s life of longing and letting go. On a quest for family, sanity, and survival, it challenges saviorism and forced gratitude. Woven through its heartbreaking fabric is a story of love and resilience.


JS LEE is the author of the novel, “An Ode to the Humans Who’ve Loved and Left Me”; author and illustrator of the children’s books, “For All the Lives I’ve Loved and Lived” and “For All the Friends I’ve Found”; and her memoir, “It Wasn’t Love”. She has a chapter in the anthology, “The Unknown Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now”; and will be releasing her novel, “Keurium”, in May 2018.

Navigating the nuance of race, adoption, identity, and trauma, JS LEE’s work aims to provoke understanding of those in the marginalized fringe. She currently resides in the Bay Area of California with her husband and two cats.

Friday, May 4, 2018 - 7:00pm