Literary Publicity & Marketing: A Panel 730pm

Panel on Book/Creative Project Publicity

It’s helpful to think of others in the literary world – reviewers, bloggers, news reporters, bookstore managers, people with larger followings on social media – as potential partners in your outreach efforts, rather than scary gatekeepers or people we have to pester until they notice us. This discussion demystifies the give-and-take art of cultivating these types of partnerships to reach new readers and cultivate an existing audience. We outline how to develop and carry out a comprehensive publicity strategy for your book, blending traditional and social media. We’ll also go over creative avenues beyond the book tour and professional review that can especially help emerging authors connect with readers. 

We'll have intermission entertainment from poets Rebecca Landau and Carol Dorf. 

Free, open to the public, all welcome! (including babies and children!) 


Kristi Holohan, founder and director of Oakland's Rock Paper Scissors gallery and zine/art making center

Leticia Garcia Bradford, publisher, founder of Bradford Productions Press and the B Street Writers Collective

Karma Bennett, literary publicist with Future is Fiction Communications

Gini Graham Scott, content marketer and ghost writer with Changemakers Productions

Aqueila Lewis-Ross, publicist and poetry workshop leader, author of the poetry collection Stop Hurting and Dance

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 7:30pm