Marty Nemko: Odd Man Out 1pm $10

Marty Nemko  (career coach on KALW, KGO, Chronicle, etc) will do a new version of his one-man-show Odd Man Out.  Beneath everyone's chirpy Facebook profile lie darker truths. Marty will reveal his---in story, song, short-short-stories, poems, and pretty damn good piano playing---especially since he's recently had to learn how to play with just seven fingers. He'll even accompany an awesome performer of show-stopper Broadway songs, Jeffrie Givens.  For a taste of Marty and Jeffrie, here's the trailer for another show they did together: 

Marty will also, like he does on his radio show, do a few Workovers on volunteers from the audience. 

Here's the latest review, unedited, of the show he'll be doing for us.  Marty promises the version he'll be doing for you at Octopus should be even better.

Advance tickets are highly recommended!

Get them HERE for only $10.

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 1:00pm