Meta Nastys (Greek Rebetiko) & Spaghetti Eastern (Folk from Russia, US & Beyond) 1pm

Metanastys is Greek for "immigrant"!

Come stomp and sing along with accordion and bouzouki playing rebetiko, early 1900s Greek urban folk. A music that once reverberated in hash dens until the cops arrived. A music that could even make seagulls dance, who are known to be really resistant to human-dancing..

Spaghetti Eastern's eclectic song selection blends international influences ranging from classic Soviet rock to American folk. Alternating between Russian and English-language covers and originals, Sergei and Samantha masterfully weave Western influences with Eastern European traditions to produce a distinctly cross-cultural experience. They hail from Kiev, Ukraine and Brooklyn, NY.

Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 1:00pm