Naked Bulb Book Launch: "the shouldspeak disease" by Elynn Alexander 930pm Free

Please join Naked Bulb press as they proudly launch the full debut collection of Full of Crow Press founder and publisher Elynn Alexander: "the shouldspeak disease."
San Francisco Poet Laureate Kim Shuck says "In Alexander's Shouldspeak Disease the poems are beautiful. The critics will have to find another accusation. The imagery is wet, biological, exquisite line after breathtaking line about how we are vanished in our own skin," and "This work is a liberation, a work of unmazing of redefinition. As I read it at the kitchen table I evidently repeated the word "yes" over and over, because the concerned faces of loved ones ringed me round."
BIO: Elynn Alexander is many things, some have names (mother, artist, poet) and some do not. She has written "Prologue To Mariamne" and "Flesh Made Widow", both poetry, and is the founder of Full of Crow Press. You can get in touch through her website at
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 9:30pm