The Aerosols, The Rabbles & Linda Hagood 9pm $8

"Hagood is a true eccentric, and her aesthetic shares similar terrain with more popular babes like Cat Power's Chan Marshall and harp sensation (did I ever think I would have an opportunity to type that phrase?) Joanna Newsom, but Hagood comes across as far less precious than those two media darlings. And that's a weird thing to say about a woman who wears a sparkly mask and incorporates moves from her years as a modern dancer into her set. 

Her electric-guitar playing, both aggressive and peculiar, can sound like Captain Beefheart filtered through a garage-y Holly Golightly purity, and her high Virginia-accented voice is absolutely one of a kind, misleadingly childlike on top of her big musical ideas. At the end of her set, the crowd, many of them looking around the room for signs that other people had also just witnessed something not quite real, howled for more. If there's room at the top for a bold singer/songwriter with the ability to create a rare, alternate universe, beam up Linda Hagood and let the fairy dust fall where it may." - SF Gate

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 9:00pm