Pandemonium Press Presents: Family Noir 7pm

James Cagney is a poet and writer from Oakland, Ca.  A Cave Canem fellow, Cagney has appeared as a featured poet at venues throughout the San Francisco-Bay Area, Sacramento, Vancouver and Mumbai.  His work has been published on line and in print via Lime Hawk, Print Oriented Bastards, Five-Eighty Split and Eleven-Eleven, among others.  Visit his blog at

Sharon Coleman’s  a fifth-generation Northern Californian California with a penchant for languages and their entangled word roots. She writes for Poetry Flash, co-curates the reading series Lyrics & Dirges and co-directs the Berkeley Poetry Festival. She the author of a chapbook of poetry, Half Circle, and a book of micro-fiction, Paris Blinks, that just came out from Paper Press.

Sara McAulay  Sara McA grew up in Virginia but has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for most of her adult life. She is the author of three novels and numerous works of short fiction and nonfiction. Her work has appeared in Arroyo Literary Review, Black Warrior Review, California Quarterly, The Literary Review, Lodestar Quarterly, North American Review, riverbabbleThird Coast and ZYZZYVA, among others. 


Dennis J. Bernstein is author, most recently, of Special Ed: Voices
from a Hidden Classroom, which received the 2012 Literary Achievement
Award from Artist Embassy International. His poetry has appeared in
the New York Quarterly, Chimaera, Bat City Review, The Progressive,
Texas Observer, ZYZZYVA, Red River Review, etc. Alice Walker, Pulitzer
Prize winning author of The Color Purple, writes that Special Ed “…is
art turned to us through the eyes of love.” Carol Smaldino says in The
Huffington Post that the poems remind us how “…we are all connected to
the sorrows as well as to the grandness of being human…”

Guitar from Barry Ebner
Curator: Leila Rae
Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 7:00pm