Michelle Renee, Eileen Torrez, TYPESTEREO & NYSZA 7pm $8

Michelle Renee teases elements of folk, indie-rock and soul to say hello to circumstance. A Jewel-Florence Welch mashup, Michelle’s expressive lyrics are intensified by her distinct vibrato, colored by a low, rich timbre and transcendent soprano overtones. Born a scientist, Michelle’s spirit for experimentation brought her across the country to her new home in the Bay without a job or place to live. Her thirst for insight reigns in her music, where she journeys through fear, forgiveness, and hope with passion and amusement.

Eileen Torrez (https://eileentorrez.com/) is a singer-songwriter based in San Francisco, CA performing a powerful and unexpected blend of folk-pop and neo-soul. Her music builds on themes of resilience, community, anti-capitalism and women's empowerment. Eileen writes sharp, engaging lyrics and delivers them with sweetness and style - often twisting melodies and fusing genres into combinations that entrance and inspire, leaving listeners on repeat.

TYPESTEREO is composed of 3 multitalented musicians: Kelsie Bedard, TonyDomenick, and Megan Lowe. At the heart of their music are complex vocal harmonies, resonant piano melodies, bright ukulele strums, and thoughtful lyrics. Collaboration is key for TYPESTEREO, who team up with other musicians for songs, create scores for dance films, and play in multi-media performances.

Saturday, August 5, 2017 - 7:00pm