Dirty Old Women - Erotica 730pm Free

Older women: Wise enough to tell the truth about sex – what they want, what they've done, what makes them hot. Dirty Old Women, a monthly series at Octopus, celebrates erotic writing by self-identified older women of all flavors. 

On Tuesday, January 23, the featured readers are Monica Pasqual and Laurel Lee.

Monica Pasqual is an award-winning singer/songwriter, composer, producer, teacher and touring musician. More recently she has been writing an online-serial memoir. When nobody’s looking she writes erotica, which to date she has been too shy to share publicly. That’s about to change. 

Laurel Lee is a queer activist who uses art to communicate and challenge. She has lived in the Bay Area for about nine years and before that lived in rural Wisconsin. Eroticism has been a place of exploration and portrayal for Laurel, because it is one of the lines that keeps moving. What is health and what is not? 

As a Woman, Laurel has always fought sexual abuse, but her work can be very open because she believes it is very important to celebrate healthy sexuality without shame. She lives with her partner in Oakland, and is learning how to drum while maintaining her practice as an artist, poet, and bad-ass lesbian.

Open mike starts at 7:30 and is open to all; featured readings begin at 8 pm. Dirty Old Women is hosted by Susan Kuchinskas and takes place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Octopus Literary Salon, 2101 Webster at 21st St, Oakland. This event is free, inclusive and accessible!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 7:30pm