Octopus Funeral March with the XXXtra Action Marching Band 5pm


Let's Go Tear Up First Friday with a Death March!

Octopus Funeral March LED by the XXX-tra special Extra Action Marching Band


Come march and sing with us! Mourning attire or any celebratory costumes and/or regular clothes encouraged, but try to look sexy.

5pm: Preload at The Octopus where we'll be serving up hot dogs! cold beer! prizes! 

7pm: March from the Octopus Literary Salon to Telegraph Avenue, turning on 27th to Grand Avenue, to Bellevue, to the Edoff Bandstand at Lake Merritt.

After That: Afterparty at the Octopus Literary Salon to eat, drink, dance and sing more.

Friday, September 6, 2019 - 5:00pm