Phone it in! (Political Action) 4pm

As it turns out, this will mark the 100th Day of the current administration.
We need to support each other now more than ever in keeping focused, clear and standing up for what we believe in.

Here’s another opportunity to come together to contact our representatives and let them know what’s on our minds.
As with last time, we will provide phone numbers, addresses, postcards and simple suggested scripts from ACLU, Indivisible and more to make your part a breeze!
You decide what matter most to you.

Overwhelmed with the too many terrible things to be angry about?
Use our handy NOAH’s ARK SPIN-AN-ISSUE™!

Each charmingly illustrated animal represents a different issue! Climate Change? Immigration? Transparency in the White House? Limit Presidential Nuclear Powers? Funding for Planned Parenthood? Support for the Arts? Equal Access to Education?
We’ve got your covered! Spin as many times as you like! This administration is generously providing ENDLESS opportunities for speaking up!

You are welcome to drop in any time during the 2 hours for however long you can spare! One quick call or 15 postcards and 10 calls - whatever time you can spare will help support the whole group! Seriously, we found this WAY more fun than yelling at the TV screen or sitting home alone depressed by your newsfeed.

All participants will receive a hand-made button that says “I phoned it in.”

Bring friends.
Bring a cellphone.
Order salads, sandwiches or drinks.
Kids welcome.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event page or you can also email me (but I’m currently at a meditation retreat coming back on Friday so won’t be checking emails until then.)

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 4:00pm