Scene in Opposition: A Benefit Against Sexual Violence with Mya Byrne, Sarchasm & Lavender Scared 7pm $10

Come see rad music for a good cause! Scene In Opposition is organizing a benefit concert against sexual violence in the Bay Area, featuring local punk heroes Sarchasm, singer/songwriter Mya Byrne from the fabulous Homobiles, and queerdo-punks Lavender Scared. Proceeds will go to Bay Area Women Against Rape.

Our scenes are powerful and beautiful, and it's important that we use that power to fight back against our oppressors and look out for each other. The recent outings of predators in Hollywood and beyond have reinforced what we already know; that sexual assault and abuse are rampant in our society. It's our responsibility to have absolutely zero tolerance for abusers in our scenes.

BAWAR has provided 24/7 free and confidential services and counseling for rape and incest survivors for over 40 years, and was the first rape crisis center in the country at their founding in 1971. They are able to do this amazing work through donations and volunteers, so if you can't make it to the show, consider donating or volunteering at

(It's important to note that BAWAR is not just for survivors who identify as women; they have fantastic resources for LGBTQ folks and people of any identity. This event is organized in coordination with the LGBTQ arm of BAWAR).

Scene In Opposition is an organization of musicians fighting back against oppression and structural violence; to get involved, hit us up, yo.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 7:00pm