Sound Etiquette Record Release Party w/Special Guest Grex 930pm $5-10 ($15 w/CD!)

Sound Etiquette melds avant-garde & free-jazz aesthetics with more contemporary styles to create music that pays tribute to the creative improv traditions of the past while reinvigorating them with a distinctly modern character. Their self-titled debut on Orenda Records imagines a universe where the small-minded distinctions of musical genre become obsolete. This kaleidoscopic collection of music will take you on a journey where the line between improvisation and composition is erased, giving way to a space where new unions of sound are possible.

"Sound Etiquette revisits an old, forgotten virtue from the earliest days of electric jazz, when an amplified keyboard alongside acoustic instruments played with pure instinct was synonymous with timbre-rich fuzziness and freedom."
-Something Else!

Oakland art rock ensemble Grex presents a set of explosive duo music, drawing from a spectrum of two-piece bands that encompasses Skeleton Crew, the White Stripes, and Interstellar Space showcasing a blustery mix of guitar and keys drawn from the wild outer reaches of free jazz.

$5-10 sliding scale OR
$15 and take home the NeW cD!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 9:30pm