SpOakland Wordworx presents author Susan Dambroff 6pm Free

SpOakland Wordworx presents author SUSAN DAMBROFF, whose recent collection CONVERSATIONS WITH TREES has just recently been published by Finishing Line Press.  
"Susan Dambroff’s poems illuminate the small moments in our day-to-day lives that profoundly alter our perceptions–moments that without careful observation, might go unnoticed. Excavating these moments with vivid images, Dambroff allows us to enter her inner world of memories and discoveries. Each poem embodies an experience that is familiar, universal, and infinitely precious."

–Kimi Sugioka, author of The Language of Birds, Manic D Press

"In Conversations with Trees, Susan Dambroff examines the dualities hidden deep within the human heart and how those dualities are in dialogue with one another. These are tender poems which stand as witness to the passions of both pain and beauty. The poet wants us to see clearly and love deeply—even though we might “…watch smoke rise/talk about how a heart/can speak into the air.” Ultimately, she concludes “…insisting on love’s bravery/we go on.”
–Lois Roma-Deeley, author of four poetry collections; winner of the Jacapone da Todi Book Prize for her book The Short List of Certainties
Saturday, September 1, 2018 - 6:00pm