Stories & Songs: Greg Roensch and Monica Pasqual 7pm Free

Monica Pasqual

"... There is a rare elegance and subtle drama to her lyrics. The melodies sway and soar, haunting in one moment, majestic in the next ... every track is a gem. Pasqual is a very special artist, exploring love, loss and life in profoundly moving ways. To know her music is to love it. Far more people should know it."

- Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics

Monica Pasqual is the winner of six Independent Music Awards, both for her solo work and with her popular Bay Area band, Blame Sally. She has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively; teaches songwriting workshops; produces music for film and television as well as for other artists; and writes non-fiction. She will be performing songs from her most recent releases as well as reading from her popular online memoir, “The Story of Tom and Monica: a San Francisco Love Story”. 

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 Greg Roensch

Greg Roensch recently published Breakfast with the Alien and Other Short, Short Stories, a collection of flash fiction that readers have described as “wonderfully loony,” “superbly strange,” and “hilariously disturbing.” Greg is a professional writer who runs his own business (Six String Communications). He’s written five books for young adults, including biographies of Bruce Lee, Vince Lombardi, and Rickey Henderson, and travel articles for and His flash fiction has appeared in The Defiant ScribeFiction War Magazine, and The Potrero View. In 2017, he released Spiral Notebook Project, an album of original songs recorded at Tiny Telephone Recording Studio in Oakland.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 7:00pm