Thomas Carnacki, Kristine Barrett & Anka Draugelates/Cheryl Leonard Duo 7pm $10

Thomas Carnacki (first live performance of 2018)

Thomas Carnacki aspires to create a mood of delightful unease.

Cheryl Leonard + Anka Draugelates

Cheryl Leonard is a Bay Area-based musician/composer/improviser who performs (primarily) on natural objects and handmade instruments crafted from same.

Anka Draugelates is a vocalist/violinist from Germany, making a rare Bay Area appearance.

Kristine Barrett

Kristine Barrett is vocalist/composer specializing in traditional music and ritual song. In addition to her solo work, she directs the Temple of Light Georgian Choir and is a member of Kitka.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 7:00pm